Thursday, March 20, 2014


here now work
drive stake into bone
chest ribs cracking here
then turn toward mindeyewatchful
awake-ness, pass into
a place of no time no thought
mindyielding static shocks on
the keyboard with each tap,
there is silence, quick grind
of tired bodies, heaven, heaving
arching mindfallingdreaming
every loved thing in the cosmos
teetering like a sand filled toy
won't fall just nods left right center
back here now listen to sounds
of the window, of the world
speaking whispers green cozy blues
here then what comes next, what's
always coming, lay your ears to the
ground and understand here when
the nightdaypassage is illusory,
romantic, brazen, here please
hold my hand, stare into the abyss
read this as an image not
as words, there is no linear narrative
why do we assume reincarnation works
that way? Proceeds forward like a single file
march drawing time as a third dimensional line,
what if you're the first life
of many scattered? where does the cycle begin?
here now then where how

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