Tuesday, April 27, 2021


 the shadow that the floorboard casts

across my feet.

yesterday's coffee stirs

in the breeze sneaking under

cracks in window

leave broken faces staring into the sun


my hands have no age

i dont recognize them

no wrinkle forms a memory

no scars are a thought

my dreams have transpired

they have become more reality than not

a neighbors lawnmower purrs

the grass is already asleep.

Friday, April 9, 2021

A Collection of Dream V

 blocking the exits

a man dismantles a typewriter     door frame

I walked down using the back

of chairs

                 it was to escape an theatre with 

no screen     I should have asked him to move

but I didn't want to bother     ruin his


my hat is on my hip when I mean to make

sure I didn't leave it in my seat

the film flips at its end black white then black and white

two huge metal doors creak and

the theatre exits and an escalator like metro

removes     takes me outside into a city 

unlike but it feels like generally


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A Collection of Dream IV

 leaving.     i'm here for some reason 

stopped being a student

but i'm in hs again. in the building.

someone i know is hanging by the visitors entrance

the other side of the ropes

i lie and tell them my wife is working late

but that's        a lie. i don't have a clue where they are.

around the corner. i am entering my old neighborhood

childhood. in a field there's a holed out barn     burnt up

the building held some importance long ago

to memory or youth possibly.     i cannot hold back.


beyond the barn the structure shifting to this kind

of soft smooth neoclassical structure  a kind of 

bottle   behind it rising above the sky 

there's a larger horrible copy 

engulfing the earth my eyes     my mind

Friday, April 2, 2021

A Collection of Dream III

I am at a thrift store.  My brother slipping 

something in pocket.

we're outside looking in cars. I am not aware.

We may have been seen.

Inside the car my father looks out. His eyes are bulgy under lids.    they are gone.

He says they are getting better.    better.

but his eye lids are stuck together. He forces them open as proof.

the thin skin tearing at his lashes.

A Collection of Dream II

 I thought I was 

                      trapped in a dollhouse

but the trees

they recognized me

A Collection of Dream I

There's a blind cat with a clown mask walking on hind legs

a dog attacked on thanksgiving leaving diarrhea in it's wake

the movie on tv is a romcom  but like super heroes married gore

the main character like a boy but after every world altering event

he likes another boy more