Friday, April 30, 2010

Coffee Table Words

How many inspirational words
can I find, placed here
hidden from the street lamp,
keep looking hard, you'll find them;
I'm locked in tight, the windows are closed
in past tense; unremarkable,
you just might ruin your eyes
squinting so and straining into the night.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

comma period colon semi-colon

It's been years since I felt the rain I can tell you because you won't speak back unable to utter a sound fearful of laughter and joy and confidence even a stinging drop of water from some untold thousand feet there is or there isn't one or the same and the same spilling out breathless what the hell read on because you can't now it's my turn now it's my turn to taunt you to taunt you to take it out on you passive silent but terrible waiting for the rain to fall you you're soaked thinking you're dry standing in the light covered in shadow and wet and shadow a fucking idiot with darkened clothes and damp hands outstretched grabbing at everything seeing nothing thanking no one you don't deserve the punctuation I've left out and you'll never get it so while I wait for the rain under this cloth and steel and sweat you can dance in ignorance or whatever you call it pulling everyone down and draining the world


You exist in typed words
and messages left
with intent to reply,

It's spring and oceans
warming to swimmers
hide you from me,

endless blue sky pushes out
and away against the clouds
moving north to find a place to rest,
or readying for rain,

They say you're miles away,
it feels like more,
I'd count them but they don't make tape measures that long,
or so the woman at Home Depot says,

I think you're on an island somewhere,
in the spring, in the summer,
in the past, morning when its night,
a day before and a day behind,

The summer is waiting patiently for your return,
light on steel wings and rudders,
over ancient temples, decayed cities
and painted rocks,

The wind carries word from you,
the spring has your name in its air,
and when the past catches up,
I'll be there to see it.


Whatever happened to Google Wave?
Drawn in by the motion of the moon,
obscured, incandescent light,
through a link an error displayed,
404? Or else? salty and sticking to my lips,
you left us,
neither sated, nor confident
for you return.