Friday, March 28, 2014

Pen's drawings snow

snow melts on my cheeks
as I walk 19th
looking nordic
alaskan, canadian, visigoth,
cold, pea-coat collar up,
bandanna tied 'round neck,
reflected in store windows,
store door reflections,
hair spotted with white,
beard speckled with cold
melting flakes,


Went out to buy a pen. Can't 
believe I'm without one. 
Too much. toomuch. Too many.
buy a pack. Papermate. 
3 bucks? But forget it. 8eightpack.
(?). They write. is all. Enough.
is enough.

Stuffed in my bag,
head out into the snow
become ancient again
fell my face stiffen again,
Stare out into the clouds
listen to my boots
the steps
remember the poem
figure out the lines
looking cold american
east coast yankee
watching the clouds
watch back.

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