Monday, March 31, 2014

(Almost) All the Macro you need to know

Higher Incomes
More Jobs
Hi-R In-coms
Moor Jobz
Hyre Encomes
Mare Jubs
Heir Incums
Moore Joubs
we want and get and build we
make higher incomes through more
jobs & with more jobs comes higher
incomes Mack-Ro econ works
this way makes higher income
Article I more jobs makes higher
incomes jobs&growth growth everyone
wants less inequality through more hobs
mor income doing it the right way no one
has thought of another way central banks
support modernized morality tools jobs more
higher stable income higher low resistance
inflation targeting monitor to meet
target drone bombing provided
more income & more jobs & higher
jobs & higher income morality
structure principle
principle structure is discourse
of higher jobs get more money
get more jobs on status level-quo
on straight shooting comparison
system borrow/lend more/higher
jobs jubz joubs gobs capital
flows to the heart of stability
burns arteries good like coca-cola
secret short term formula
higher income mor jobs
paid advertisement of protection
go on running global order new
order of world whetted appetite
wine all members--properly.

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