Tuesday, March 4, 2014


keyboard training me
get to the point to point
if i miss one tap well
just keepgoing
I'm not sure what's the case
this is going out there uneditied
and justmade myfirstmistake
misspelling, I can't be heldaccountable
for making this hard to read
it's an experiment, I'vetyped
1,500 of these exactly the same same
words [redacted: wasn't supposed to 
type same twice] with the only variable
being me,my mind,me my body,
now time to finalize the numbers
time to check on my hypothesis
makes sure everything fits neatly
into the check book, can't have my
benefactors getting antsy, chalkit up
to nightmares, my caffeince [sic: caffeine]
addled brain to findger connection
whogivesa fuck thart last combination
was done on purpose--but maybe like
all of this was done as planned--then
maybeI've been lying this whole time,
how would you even know>?

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