Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thinking a poem out loud

I highly recommend
refining your search

does best

kindling wood

use sparingly or else
cancer causing enzymes
seep into river over world
causing water to run clear
over smoothed rocks
a billion years old

saw god worship some thing
makes you uneasy
on a Saturday
makes you think maybe
you aren't catching on

HEADLINE [place text here]
[name] was found [verdict] of [number] counts
of [crime] and will be [sentence].

OBITUARY [among the rest]
[name] died.

often times it's easier to care about
what's impacting the rich than all the stinking
bodies of the ether piled up in rows
and wasting away

suck a drink from the funeral pyre
make a toast to mankind
we've got a while to go
and the next town is bright
the next press stinks of ink
the roads going on going on
about itself.

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