Wednesday, May 31, 2017


                love is a fucking cock.
not the actual device;
the figure.
                cunt is a service enterprise.
the actualized body; the mind
redistributed to masses
fortunately none were chosen;

thankfully; freedom is in
mission; of speech
                               when required;
a figurehead, walks into a classroom
on the chalkboard you're asked to write;

do you? when read it follows
a certain thread; art than word,

body is a mental deficiency; a

          where the coffins were exhumed.
not the fictional wood;
the corpses.
                    a copse of trees
a tri-nominal shape, one many two
thousand years old; a ghost

more so a; phantasm

the groaning bodies slick
with afterbirth; fuck
their veins fuck; their cunts
are cocks forced under the breast plate;

this one is called father

this other is named mother

               this reality
many are the protoplasm;
arguably organ-less; comprised
of comprising organelles, this is the
body of seized function;
                                        the factory
                by definition a place of
value; traded
                     sexless convulsions
meaningful looks,

what wonder is? the sucking sound

end; effigy; requirement; obligation,

fantasy, quake
                        action repeated in linear step
to the drums; fucking release; materialized.

what dreams? what dreams. what comes?

what is
abandoned. what is remembered?

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Social Currency

no one utilizes the people they know efficiently;
gather them up and stand them in a line,
shuffle them at random and offer them a number
that will be easier to remember than their name;
place them in little factories; with little windows; big walls;
make sure the doors are hermetically sealed,
watch them go to work; sending all that love down the line,
there you will reap the rewards of true friendship;
within a box, a bow wrapped and tied on top,
place the most valuable  commodities,
pack the luxuries with bubble wrap, this is where you
ensure the dividends are made; this is where you divide
the number of people by the number of their importance;
this is how you utilize your resources effectively.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

about the waves and the land

as california falls into the sea
                                                slower than we believed
and the mud tumbles over itself
                                          attempting to break free
as the ocean rises up to meet it
                                              250 feet away
and see where the shoreline
                                           becomes the sky
as the water is as blue as ever
                                         sparkling against brown earth
and the canyon turns the roadway
                                                  inside out

there'll be a tombstone along
what once was route 1
sinking slowly to pacific floor

all the tortuous gray
will be forgotten

all the cars will rust
and drown below



Monday, May 22, 2017

Ben Kingfischer was live.

[camera shakes, there is a finger on the touchscreen
caressing play] open up to whirl of color blue on green
on what is that grass maybe a hand or arm flesh color
mess [camera steadies] Now the voice of the

Hey guys, Oh hey! Is this working?

[camera quickly pans to face of Narrator, pulls out
zooms in shakes is steady if not slightly off kilter
the narrator waves, behind you can imagine some
scene worth showing in the narrators mind this
is all conjecture]

Hey, guess where I am?

[camera pans you see what you want where you want
to be the narrator giggles camera panorama spin back
to narrator final reveal]

[narrator holding camera with two hands away from face
on an angle looking up imagine the bluest sky behind
there might be one wisp of cloud the sun is off screen]

Well, there it is guys! Told ya can you believe it?

All right see ya later! Update Coming soon!

Ben Kingfischer was live.

Friday, May 19, 2017

an act of mutation

some photos taken for granted

some lies cooling in the sun

some remnants of your past catching up

          reading the last line before
          the subway pulls up; rushed;
          forgetting the last 40 minutes
          that you read; being an angel
          thinking about heaven;
          how it looks; what it is

some thoughts written down

some one laughing behind the door

some place that feels like the future

          remembering that you'd been
          driving; stopped at a red light;
          panicking; thinking about how
          you'd made those turns; the 
          bodies that could have been
          left; in your path; could it
          be diverted; was it possible
          to jerk the wheel

some memories are entirely true

some shoes in a garbage can

some where you'll never know

          deleting the words as you go;
          starting over; reading a poem 
          from long ago; adding a word
          a thought; that appears a few
          lines below; deja vu; a feeling
          of familiarity; predictable 
          choices; same old stanzas;
          flat lines 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Behind the scenes; a youtube retrospective

it reverted back
      to the first draft
the pencil lines
             you get a look
     at that
what it was before
           facial recognition
       kicked in
                 cleaned it up
           smoothed out
                   those fucking
     looks alright now
                          ready to promote
                 a video
                           trail series
    product placement
                it's important
  as an influencer
                    I'm speaking as one
        to know when you sell yourself
 that you're always
                 true to yourself
       like this poem is for me
  it doesn't matter what
                                     anyone thinks
           only that you believe
                                               are true
     to yourself
                               but for you to buy
               and like it
                     tho I don't care to ramble
      about how I am true to myself
  even though I'd like this
                                          to trend
                          see I'm an influencer
not a poet or writer
                    or even someone that reads
            tho I do
    but it was important to me
 to write from the
            of an influencer
                 it being so novel
     don't get me wrong
                                     I am staying true
to myself
          you can do whatever you want
    like I can
             if you like this don't forget
to like and subscribe
      for more content like this
                             exactly like this
             if you like and subscribe
  for more content
                I will front load this
poem with advertisements
      that will be pertinent to your interests
                                                   as an influencer
                            I am privileged with insight
            and if you guys subscribe
   I'll be able to bring you the content
                                                            you guys
                                          want to read
                     so even though I don't particularly care
     if you could share this
                                         even like this
                        go as far as subscribe to this
           it would be appreciated
                            by someone like me
       who is an influencer
                                         speaking from the
                               writing from the
            selling from the
    operating from
                      I really feel like
       I don't care what
                                   anyone thinks
and I am happy that I can be myself
                              as long as you do what you want to do
              that's my advice
                                         as an influencer
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Moonlit dance

your skin draws upon me in the dark
when i lay down i am nowhere else
                       i am parallel with the earth
there are many layers of concrete btw me
and the sun
                       the mattress hugs tightly on
your curves pulled into itself & expanding
the depression is covered over by long strands
of fabric intertwined without space
                                                       none of this
visible in the dark as i make my way by light
of your phone prone & left face down to sleep
your body is visible in the darkness
                                                         darker &
stiller than the night
                                 i have come merely to
stare at imagined ceilings before i sleep
the white paint gray and morbid
                                                    your soft
breathes your wandering thoughts building
            the earth rushing as always toward
the sun

Monday, May 8, 2017

Post-It Note Necrophilia I

scrolling bulge of the static frame
             surveillance scripture obtained
unoccupied screens
        image fidgets at intervals
13 1/2 seconds
     information mounted on the overlay
time     date
    camera identification
reality distorted     sorted     recorded
     frame      X      frame

Friday, May 5, 2017

Windows and Walls

each barrier must in its own way support the facade,
the tiniest of cracks, openings, must be filled,
there is no room for mistake, serious business,
if a bit of what's outside gets in, containment will be breached,
once again, serious business, what's at stake,
that's for me to say, not to think about,
just know that we have your best interests at heart,
and if productivity can be increased? a bonus,
you are part of something real and that must be protected,
when you believe in people first the love really comes through
in the product.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Domes [for Rent]

above our heads
they couldn't even bend
at the overflowing
slips of paper filled out
anonymously but with
names only the organization
will see along with social sec no#
and bank acc information
answering the proposed
question: how are we doing?
to construct a dome
one that appears like the sky
like even a single painted
on cloud was too much
they just didn't have the
manpower the official release:
We Just Didn't Have The ManPower
instead the tiles will suffice
linoleum and the loudest among those
not impacted without necks and
never looking up agree that
it would cost a lot of money to
find out if the sky is blue
or what a rain drop dances like
and who cares really what about
the taxes or the jobs can the
whatever is outside grant us that?
rightfully smug at their own
rhetorical jab that could not be answered
it's better within the walls keeping
our feet to the cool blessed cement
of the earth our fore-bearers always
meant it to come to this end
choice collapsed and fiction removed
great swaths of land brought to heel
by the might of mankind
did you see the hochs on that prime cut
of realestate imagine that with
steel beams stabbed and wiring
drawn in cut a piece off and
let's do business like how many
sq ft can be sold at your feet
dream of it imagine what those fields
of progress look like now as
they work for us
outside our protected vision
what they must be doing
how beautiful they must be
digging into the stars
pulling down all those
resource laden wonders
feeding the mechanized earth
providing for the future
below our feet

Monday, May 1, 2017


always these same number of eyes
      this same old progression of time
this linear push to the edge;
      unlike how I dreamt
last night I was walking
back to the start
      and witnessed for myself
my own shadow
      start back opposite
from leaving my room
I had yet to enter
      yet to conceive of a reason
to be going
      so that when I awoke
a wiped the sweat from body
      I was unsure whether
I had just left
or recently returned;
      always it's as meaningless
as the first line
      words read in the dark
dilated pupils
      beginning to end