Friday, November 30, 2012

Untitled by Choice

I passed the salt to
my dental brain,
thoughts out/fluoride in,
the street is a string of
lights and I walk on tip-toe
to the entrance of the thing--
what it is? No one can say
but it sparked the beginning
and it will bring the end (what
I heard on nobody street
from the nameless man) a ghastly
thunderbolt and the sky
is rent by burning barrels
and stories without theme
or meaning or are they meaningless
to the plot just rambling truths,
I am at the entrance
I have already entered
I'll be standing outside forever
for all time and without end,
I passed the razor over my eyes
nothing left of our sanity
but to wait blindly,
but to wait obediently.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lessons for wednesdays

Compose the html strain
on our mimic brain--mechanical
mind melding fuck-all
teacher is segmenting bodies,
classifying objects, bleeding the
discourse into the marrow
of our bones,

lunch is a rambling
sentence spreading over
half hours of time
clicking measured lengths
counting up? counting down?
counting only to remind us
who's in control--

oh, weary servant's song
I'm in the quarters
quartered feeding on the beast,
drowning on its browned
milky puss--perpetuating
the link--

I believe the TV
I read the news
I am a suffering invalid
unbelieved out of existence
living in bright shadows

We took the elevator down together,
we saw separate things, different
thoughts, metabolized brains--I drowned in the shit
spewed from the floors while
you looked for the sewer
drains and we promised
the whole way no matter what
that we'd hold each others hands.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Epiphanies & Shopping &

You know I was thinking
and you should wear black
stockings all the time,
with boots or black shoes,
maybe the kind with
the lingerie strap
under long tight skirt (which
doesn't have to be black)
& no one would know
what was hidden
there but me--

with my x-ray vision
knowledge past the
knees, ah--

I was thinking today
very clear thoughts.

What did I dream last night?--an empty notebook--

Dreams are sleep piece
visions in the essential mind
fitting beneath those
of our mundane reality,
a fevered mirage going to
waste each night,
that's its own sad
story--a mirror to our
crumbling thoughts--
reach for them, taste them on
tip of tongue and idea--they're
out there stacking and falling,
filing and calling out--

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Angel

Into the night
you'll go running
Black Friday night and
morning's sleepless shoppers
ignore abandoned streets
unlike lighted god malls
and the idols
somewhere therein
always beaming--

There's no bikes
keeping you safe on
creeping doom wheels
and the taxis only take
cash, specifically
green paper credits for the

(I imagine several darkened
blocks away) the Marriott
with its dim lights,
locked doors, and
sleeping agents guarding
beautiful empty couches &
unstained tables
from my breathless angel
hurrying home

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How the rain sounds on a sunny day is nothing like what I have here

They're waiting for you
with the worst pens
a sorrowful dull carcass
bleeds invisibly down one way street
sorrowful to die

my virgin nightmares
are implanted by crooks,

there's steps stepping
toward white
tiled corners--I listen--but

they aren't mine

I walk on my toes.

The Setting of their suns

Let's drown the star-eyed
in the vegetable sea
you & I
at the birth of our world
worlds away

She's a Reflection

Her glass stare shattered
on playground concrete,
her steely vase reflected
hips and ass

her nakedness was a child's myth,

boy's recalled only the purple sky
or was it golden
like her eyes that day?--

"no one matters," she spoke
like a question festering
as they hung on her every word,

she had those legs like the end
of a dream


Monday, November 19, 2012


at infinity, the last casualty
brooding and bloody and bullheaded
warrior against apocalypse relapsing
to the point of nausea, dancing on
the graves of the void--
a single computer (blue)screened
bang--shrinking platform of
stand alone mockery--oh,
purple hellish sky, he claims to
have claimed, where
can I wander now?--

the fish swim beneath our feet
the fish swim beneath the stars

Friday, November 16, 2012

George on Piano

Young George on
ends never ending
off my ear
off my ears
wailing telling clock
all hours of the
lulling green masterpiece
of shouldered dilemma
bitter misting Christ
in heaven scowling--

a child crosses the street
onto 19th
tinged with bleeding
ideas in the nigh
gone gone pink of the coming
Saturday morning
night, that's dark and seems to
last forever until Sunday
and hangover football--

I'm talking but not there yet
and the moment is scoffing,
saying-- some idiotic
trivial god awful thing--

the commercial screams
pulling me out
righting my head--almost had it--
but for trimming the jagged edges
to erode my dream

I am a tool without cells
moving forward unwillingly into the unknown
I am a tomb ever gnawing at
my own walls

George doesn't have a care in the world
he keeps tapping--content in the past
with the dead--

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Democracy at Work

Humanity, you are
an idiot's instrument
sounding aimlessly into the night
Humanity, you wait
like cattle to namedrop
into endless uncaring square ballots
Humanity, you are a
meaningless horde
born only to whither & die
never realizing the truth--

In a way I wish I could love you
but I'm all dried up,
In my own way I'll care for you
and bleed for you

if you forget me,
if you ignore me--

Monday, November 5, 2012


I have two minutes to
get this all down
and now I've got to
--oh--move outta here,
dance outta here,
swing by my neck outta here
toward the
                 spit stained floor
I'm supoosed to
short of
short to find
was meant to simply
follow the arching plot lines
that read submission

but what you can only think

the first thought burrow into
brain, burrowed into your
hidden brain so that even our
initial thought line beautiful process
is ruined--

only 5 seconds left
                              I'm cut off
            only this--

ah, returned.