Monday, February 28, 2011

Mosaic movement quick

Rain heavy drip-drop
moving slowly on toward DC,
cling to the solid gray brooding
darkness of sick clouds, drip
and I could really go for a hot dog,
had one yesterday under spring-like sun
on Eastern Market street half-smoke polish
wit relish, onions, yellow mustard,
snaps the natural sausage casing
yellow stains on sidewalk sad
though I'm now miles away smelling
tomato soup simmer silently
we prepare some white rice, and Oh,
it's like childhood all over again
quiet apartment lights and the storm outside,
Mom calling out over stove "Dinner",
cats crying in cold of spring,
and I'd hold your hand but I had no time
for girls back then, see
Scarlet Spiders and clones
bounding from my window
at $5.99 a piece

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hyattesville Green

Collar raise
no bandana t'hold it up
red starch white mark dancing flower
book open hardbound pop-
(street cap) next to--

The Lost Symbol Dr. Sax

wit the state of
just about metal wheel
grinding in that oldtime 1920s
cable car electric car
juggling after work daylight-
sleep sleep sheep wool
ah, limp longing caress
the time lump

between here & there's
(n's many rails
                      laid down)
a green-line train
switching tracks above ground Ft Totten
on to Hyattesville bound Maryland--

I intend to catch
this drudging loneliness home

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


What is this world
if not the dream-death
of the living?
Infinite effete souls eternally
wasting their earthly pursuits--
are we not already
in heaven lost?

Each body(soul) in motion for the mind
looking eyes bearing themselves
unclean to the weary quest

the all important silent lonely quest--
whisper low green pasture
stepping stone on water
sun rises on gray train facade
crossing bridge gray morning
wind calling out truthfully
to heaven eternal


Rises like eden-
out lapis lazuli ocean river stream
grayed holy in infinity
brackish blear sky of reddish heaven
where life bows to god on holy
and the all that ever was--

thought is life
is dreary living vanity
glory life--

like watery depth cool
space swallow stars
angels are stars
taste of metal
silver goddess lusty


Travelin' on big road America
stationary sweeping outward
North-South-West to the ocean-
East on the ocean Atlantic
diamond cold waters brushing up against
sand bag defenseless tired shore
My America romantic dreamland
I gotta love it-
Years belong & care for it
more, & more, & more

Where you go everywhere
It's America
the sun shining over night
winter red white blue sky/golden
fields of America


Can I look at the sun and
earth connected &
by blue cloud sky
two dimensional comic book orb-ness
Life? is? thought? seeking
familiarity when it's all
a simple sightless lie.

We exist.
String-like stretching cosmos
bus racing south in after-time
which is all-time wondrous
happens simultaneously
in one overarching
narrative & it's becoming
truth, but any truth
to paranoiac me 


Like hell sh=e won't
take h- go away
back & forth tripping
we ain't makin' fun ah her
caise we just wxhant her

to unnerstan
this is

sound echo confusion
step down n step up n
like friendship shatters
glass fist and empty cans
car wheel runnin' on the street street
outside with wind&air
and I'm afraid to go w/out ya
& she won't leave


Rest on air ]
deep breath periwinkle silver statue
receding distance,
conversation gravid blotted
trying to h- gnah
how'my-- 0-infinite
spanning tundra ocean plane terrify
immortal hours unreality
try to grasp onto
cerulean upside-down sky
magenta god-like redd sky light
      ah, forever
heaven-- saw it concrete,
touched it held on y--
tangiblity body-revoked absent time
I can't say how-- aeph- yrlxh


Am I insane
in wordless waking fantasy
or after ingestion

when it's everything all fucked back

Instead of lopsided angelic
stepping only to fight death

Questioning rot flesh being

Oh, color without word beauty
to see truth in blank memory
genius insanity the
world innocent infancy first sight


And I'll sleep intent
with no brain blotted street;
It's a dream anyways
when powder ignites the night
and wind tears


I dreamt it with in
dreams with out walls
irreverent epiphany 
meaning nothing like
reality that I escape untended
sdrawkcab gnikaeps


Time is body-less infinite plane
firmly opened to finally eyes
peer infinitesimally,
all-eyes as one- on
how're we leaning on--
out of body truth
expanding in shapeless 
direction time/consciousness
forgive me for drawing to close
to paranoia earthly desire
when it's all illusion-fantasy
memorialized by blind prophets
seeking afterlife
hidden iris & cerulean azure immortality


Back in the stretching realize-
earthly unfathomable earth
crushing H2O trip
and that's the beauty of
real cause it paints
over mundane day inexistential
hyper-normal sea green
Arizonie desert sky Asia
dream wake footsteps
and clock ticking meaningless
to mind sickness
and all time is time that
watches the body age die birth

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


See the bleeding code beyond humanity
strings fibrous sewn in
ephemeral - laughter, conversation
love, no choice
saw the beginning and end
found it--
inconsequential to my--
happiness, stir-gaze
before vibrating temporal
infinitesimal blah, blah
respond with listening
empty is full is nothing is a word
is meaningless-


Your vision is basting color
past your walls onto reality
feeling safe but there's
everything false & chaos
downstairs where
body recalls, or cares
and hippies beating guitar
in circles singing sick
God knows
demon fire misery
and blue drinks frozen, teal cups,
chunk peanut butter, bagels,
lights off, dancing tables, ping pong


Bloated hang over less
but world shattered
as static sun hits buildings
raging wake morning dandelion light
and the streets that aren't streets
sleeping cars are beautiful
walking side by side
in the cool dawn Philadelphia
sound & smell breakfast
and diners somewhere serving eggs,
bacon, sausage, coffee, orange juice;
I'll give ya a ride&then right
you walk away back turned reaching


When it was like
and we were not alone
in loneliness
one eye pleasure
sheer blue transparency;

Oily vision outside-
when reversed in not to speak
inter-vocali-- s'll that matters
two gods breaching

ground me- precious kitten
I kno- kno-
recognize you the most
impossible task-
achievable unenviable space
and I'm lost here with you


a singularity beyond
blinking eyes fantasy-
patrolling truth-
can you
             catch us
veins beating life

When I-
              mirror - not me
repitition to breach the fault
my eyes window mirror lake void


What is this Voice
speaking unobserved while I'm
hysterical clock ticking
and all I can see/think/be

Where's Tommy?

Glued, arts & crafts
to my sound ear both ears
pulling phone circular walls
before - before - before
I'm leaning in this
-- isn't yet my home-- place
fever- with Sound
keeps speaking driving
me; tears; forgetful


U=U ^,,why
I sought your beauty in words
that ignites my
mind & melts
like death, reality, perceived

a preconditon to

Yeah, so to speak
so speak
vocalization non-descript

an exemption
carry off the distance peak
the cryer soul
mankind locked eternity


Where are you love? Oh, God
I'll never get back
resting head(?) on blinds in
bathroom funky yellowish
absent white light

lost losing inconceivable answers

everything brittle folded cracker like
in the caring moon of February

Only the buzzing engine
engineered human silence
& subconscious eyelid sleep
the dreams of all different/the same
I hear them stretching
out-- into emptiness

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where's she?

Writ motion acts of desperation
violence, droopy newspaper faces outside
the window bordered deli serving
whatever-you-want 7 dollar meals--
and all that for meat and two slices of
bread, man-
God- plague on all- why, rusted rim
cold coffee $1 any size caffeine overdose;
wow, I'll pay the same
take the 6 oz cup America
receding into that distance of space
un-rounded cloudless, waiting
for me to turn to it-
love it, roads, fast food, high rise building,
university, factory, decayed strip mall loving

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chx, waffles, and poetry

chx, waffles, and poetry

Official Work

syncronized coughing
she goes ahem sarah and
I, maybe before or a little off key
after, ahcahhr, ehemm follows hmmr
there's that awkwardness where we both
know we have to cough but it's like a song
and she's on drums or clarinet

it's warm, spring-like sun shines
on my tinted glasses- I move Jill's shit
out to the street down n up ramps on sidewalks
pass hotdog stand and subway hoagie
weird city M street smells

back to computer office lights
clicking mouse,
"'yeah that was all ad libbed' and
someone's gonna say 'yeah, i can tell'"
at 1:30 USIP

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Take a walk with (me) fantasy

Out-not-so-far there's that grand
Pennsylvania night monkshood purple sky,
barely there street lights barely visible
footprints jotting down history,
ragged beard showing homeless
stitched gloves stitched coat sole less shoes
graffitied stop sign trash next to side walk corner
7-11, where's the wawa when you need it,
opening doors for change, when we all got
credit cards now and they don't offer a cent
cause that's the plan to starve them dead dead,
government preservatives decoding the
brainstem response signal for language
to communicate electronic implant starving
children O children those children
under cloudless; simplicity
ticketed from miles away fire hydrant breathe
tattered clothes iced coffee stains my only white
already stained 1950s (whereNOw) shirt

Monday, February 14, 2011

the nightmare bombs

what's the CULtural highlight
hi-lite neon yellow buzz

wings by the head
riding over thoughts slowly (slowly)
till you can see it clearly still
see-thru intangibility ticking
off the time bomb

old woman rocking to newspaper clippings
epicenter blast radius zero-survival immediacy

I walked through empty kitchen light off
haunted madness, hey it's like some other
world I'm leaving soon fantasy,
with the squirrels lounging insane straight jacket
funnies, they laugh into the wooded window pane

the sound (the sound)

tv's bleeding out

to hearts

cold tile floors cricket playground violin



it's outsiiiyde I'm worriedl abouwt...
or the lieght swswswswswitch

ashuwrhr akk

both are nighttime automatic

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ha Ha Ha Guess?

jack that microwave jack
that awful taste bud ruinous
sliding door trap
of the rim of worlds bleak
gray bleak and take
e to tell me, haphazard, raw
smack empty death white corn powder
memory got ya movin' on to nowhere
pretty fast
and I'm right behind
cut 3 to 4 holes into plastic to vent

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Morning on 17th

By the way there's like a whole bunch of names
beginning to pile up outside this fluorescent light
cubicle space, shit sh-sh-shit two dimensional
unnecessary shit, and I'm pretty sure they're serving
scrapple down the street little corner street off M
with Mexican voices crowding in and breakfast smells
like a great busy truck stop coffee stop truck smell in the city;
eggs on the griddle yolk running over bacon grease toast,
I walked by, hours ago now, to the sound
of engines stopped at  red quiet lights and morning,
bland sunny bright DC morning blended mosaic
recycled folders and post-it notes

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Escalator's on the left side Shady Grove

Seem's I'm always-- stuck,
behind their ambling, steady concrete however,
feet, they're leaning slightly diagonal to prevent,
an effort? maybe- me from making pass
to where I gotta-- Jesus Christ! I'm under their
arms, raised, down on the ground quick
beatin' knees under legs up escalator whirring
on the left side left side Left Side!
tripping once...I smiled- just in case
somebody, unmoved, felt it wasn't- in some ways-
on purpose, scan my card, I did that before
looking back keep the pace, right? Well I did.
I'm sure- in my mind I'm knocking old ladies
got 3 people on the tracks broken legs
heads waitin' for the train runnin' rollin' rail
probably won't be good for them,
grinding wheels like monster B-movie madness corn starch red food dye wonder-

But I gotta get out

Monday, February 7, 2011

34th and 7th

(There's) Just too much to look at
I'm fuzzy with the monitor on burly blue
aha ha ha watchin' blargh blarch heeeeeeem (clears throat)
waking drizzle me a dreama ha
in which she darling darling well, one can

and lost I know it's lost oh when we
(spell out in stick and sandy toes on the beach
like pilots on a shore deserted island middle o' the seas
to fairy land starved death) you always said, and I'd smile I think

maybe I'd smile with my hands awkward at my sides in
torn belt, torn shoes ratty pants that you hate
cause I can't make myself wash them (they grow old
and sad)

so yeah so hold my hand and I'll,
yeah startled
I'll re-read from this masterpiece (don't be

by desperation I gotta get it all out of me
before I take one more step out there
down; where ya find me

head down and muttering homeless man
punctured gloves and sooty fingers
searching (seeking) for that quarter I left out
(was it) years ago now

couldn't just couldn't be-

but I recall your face on that day
smiling sad sad empty smile

and I yelled out for you
but the bus
was on time and the engine ran
and the wheels with it

you'd never hear.

Crossing Streets in Winter Time I Caught a Glimpse

Cheap months october-november-december
uncapitalized diagonal streets dirty pavement
and blinking white frozen in-stride man, he's bald
I guess, without future but--
like everyone of us crossing the street
to our ululating white-washed horror destinations
holding our ears; the truth on the crisp lines shouting,
We've all had enough, since that first squelched cry
that immortal cry reaching back into super-nova-blitzkrieg-time
the first lament--
life leads everywhere leads everything hands everyone- pretty faced girls
and sober boys summer lushed by midnight fragrant airs-
silent oblivion...ob- obliv- oblivions-

I write it all the same

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"You should write a poem about me smelling like cupcakes"

She smells like cupcakes
on damp autumn feeling winter auburn nights
kept out by cool glass and radiator heat
and I'm the ginger bread man ama n aginger
cookie baked shower rain
dripped from faucet sky cloudy metal dials
through the bakery vanilla cream air
following her footsteps shoe less
butter sugar icing irresistible sleep

Friday, February 4, 2011


I sketch the numb milky
whiteness clear of snow,
LIVE Doppler 9000 HD 9 Weather NOW
google map slow radar drawl,

can't wri- write this fa-
music shi- caress fantasy, huh?

Got the beat voices running counter, ya-
to the clack crack smack smash
heavy pool table racket sinking
colored- coded- wait- fffff-

It's all nebulous anyway, you know?

I got it though, somewhere's through-
ou- my fingers, Arlington, VA- unfeeling yyya- too? ha

It burns, or it used to,
'fore I wrote it down somew- and
it tore me- backyard cutting grass
winter $20 ppppp- richer
click, bop crack numb ah

Down to store

*Read to music: "Taiwan's Heart"*

Oh, Angel lovely night
can you see me all alone,
rain soaked rainless indecisive night open--
tell us where has failure lasted?
Towered under cloudless, terrific black top night
lit by cars on fire - endless -
caffeine high confusion - shake this
immortal life--

I walk and care for it--
                                   too much.

Balloon Time

Been lately absorbed in dreamless sleeps
and visions only when I wake and the clock has
mishandled 5 hours or jumped ahead, head punch-drunk low
I'm picked up by Dorothy's balloon and, it's-- real-- colorful-
blotted out cornfield nightmare city-lines later,
forgotten the entire ride, or curled in a ball beneath windy flame,
eyes tight darkness un-watching, blinked ephemeral

time-lifting-jerked-dancing-shadow cast walls-howling- forgetful-
forever-foggy-time-stretching round-timeless-nothing-globe-


Thursday, February 3, 2011


where would the novel be without the cellphone,
     on a used-book bookshelf rotting smelling old
instead of on a scrolling screen on a toilet in the recycling bin (icon)
     meaningless feces thrown out 1910 windows over
hobos wandering over sewage 9 (no indoor piping),
     when asked could recite Whitman/Dickenson/Melville
especially Melville, instead of [delete] kbs/space [dld] Ke$ha [play]
     evaporate. persuasion. spectacless-spectacle. End.

Mornings on February Cool

White week-older t-shirt
draped, arms wrapped underneath, over
radiating thermal coils, pulling on
my cold, sleeping overnight on back of computer chair,
corduroy pants, grayed from use;
the sun's somewhere, blinds down
stomach empty morning drowsy lights, baying towards
thundered rapt daydream fantasies

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bathroom Ice Cream Forevers

Permanence gets dull with use and wears off/down/out
felt-tip marker in the drizzle of working life souls complete
uneven-able mistakes sleeping behind office doorways about to be closed
hard by mexican cleaners growing- old- to die on steps outside
that apartment complex scoffed at coackroach fantasy weaving
an intangible dialogue of vanilla ice cream-jimmies rainbowed lasting love
with which I held your hand
to read
to ignore
maddeningly low
and soap could wish to leave it's stain like crying scum in bathrooms wrecking ball reality


Past our terror microwave gas chamber love,
anthologize her legs over hearts in the petty pretty
streets, thought out in words-hammer-kiss-fault-wire-ink,
she's lovely with her tears carrying by you in the cold
that warms your insides with use, take it consume it,
dare lusting after high heel shoes tan skin smooth-
ah, it's everywhere holy redemption dark hair when


the driveways howl...moon tempts the...lips curl teeth pressed...
apricot night scent...clouds-


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lunch break sushi

walking to the corner on 10 minutes
endof thworld fear well what,
speak like the lost man supermarket
self-checkout talking to himself in english
that's not so eeeenglish, with layered shirts
and it's cold but ehe's got food,

unwashed fur matted laying in driveways in the sun,
kitty, out of the snow melting in continental formation
oceans about him,

answer answeringan swer edanswer pain
a long way to the --
with the lunch break dwindles clock