Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Written on March 12 (Kerouac's Birthday)

Sun's down when I wake up,
don't know how I feel about that
just yet, doesn't seem right, doesn't
seem like I should be pulling myself
out of sleeping bag, brushing teeth,
getting cool drink of water, now then
now getting dressed, here, holding on
to warm fabric, sometime in the night
i had removed my clothes, don't remember when,
forgot to write dream down, letting this
journal waste away mold away, hear this
written down, some horror story
gone come gone go, was sweating,
was fear? or--could have been any number
of things worth mentioning, not worth
caring about, it's all passing by regardless
all a dream, all no one ever remembers,
all going somewhere in search of the prize,
it'll be darker tomorrow, and the day after,
and the day
and the day

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