Monday, March 17, 2014

Stokes (Car tires screeching in the icy snow)

car tires screeching in the icy
snow covered roads below my window
remind me of delivering papers
with my father in the old Grand Marque
with no traction stuck in that drive way
for hours can't push up
and the owner is out there digging away
for us and pushing, and finally we gunned it
and struggled to the top, waving good-bye
and him sweating and waving too until
we were back down at the bottom with
him again having failed to take the hill,
shit piss this is getting old, 3 hours behind
schedule and we were throwing papers
that disappeared into 2 feet of snow anyway,
no use, never to be read, one last push
and burnt rubber winter snow smell,
finally breaking the trenchline and
on our way,
only to realize when sliding down
the other side of the hill that neither of us
had gotten out to help the poor guy,
we had just sat in the car and watched him
hack and slash away,
we had good laugh out of that,
and no Christmas tip,
I'm sure.

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