Friday, September 20, 2019


and with the sun tucked under
your arm,
you carried my eyes before
the dawn

when i woke up i had forgotten
where to go

because there was no there
where you left me

that was many dreams ago

the last time we talked
you would never close your eyes again

or breathe

'dying is like going to sleep
and never waking up'

and i was there
where ill be

when im the next to find our dream

and we can say good night

to mourn the loss of the sky

but i was born after the fact
and when i landed you would have noticed 
my eyes were gray
If you had watched where I fell 
instead of looking away 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Blood for money

i push my fingernail against
a broken tooth

but the nail bends

maybe i am left behind

a body of broken star systems

starved of calcified bones

ground against the
wiper blades of time

i remember when the insides
did not mold and degrade

when i could see within them
the tenuous blue sky

the limitless progress of age