Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tilt my head

A wonderful nightmare thing
I'm unaccustomed to afternoon drawling on on on
window open and air-conditioning--
I turn tho my voice is raspy and low, somehow
try to tell about the portrait painted,
a likeness paint and colors and crying
but I'm quiet, sound is weighed by gravity
how funny, I'm dying like Gerard
explaining his oil and water and acrylic lyric
I don't remember why,
He died 58 years before
blood soaked I lost my fight with
bleak existence

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A wonderful nightmare thing

A continuation, How will they
believe I'm married twice
in my uncle's split level cul-de-sac house &
Dave & Buster's like carnal video game hell.-- I thought
the first was a dream-within-a-dream--
it was, the second was groggy gooky fog,
brail-deaf confusion, two events at once, and Dave pulling
string cheese from plastic barrel, I want to go home,
to uncle's place? the only place I know?
My family not yet returned and where's Felicia?
And African prince gifts me large coins, are they fake?
look like cookies on the inside--and little lost
Africa girl eats pretty flowers on the invisible window-wall outside,
Now I have to tell my parents I married...can't remember
an Stoney, "So small," I keep saying "so small"
rolls in a kind of sea foam shrinking, I pet him--

I've given up my mind

I've been named ruler of Japan,
I'm already emperor of China, I unite the Kingdoms
they pick me up in marching line, it's morning, no time and
we're already there. I'm walking toward
my coronation ceremony, someone is
laying a path of swords to follow, a regal affair
walking chest high and powerful, I hear the
commentary, perched above the worldly threat, looking
down in case I step on shuriken, blade, knives--
A voice compliments weapon layer, apparently
he's very good and available for most events,
I wonder will anyone notice I'm gone, will the
Japanese be offended? I've worn green Mao cap,
should'a worn a better shirt, it's like gray Super bowl 1995-1996,
I finally descend the stairs, I'm powerful scary
a white man yells (wearing gray suit hunched in corner by woman shrouded)
"Donovan McNabb! Donovan McNabb!" a sulky laugh, I turn to Tommy asking why--
He tells me, under darken, night time sky,
McNabb could have been great if he'd tried--


Remember little one when I could hold you in my hand,
when you strode on couches above the snow,
when sleepily I wrapped you against my chest
all those years ago?
now we wait, your chocolate hair mixed with gray
and hopping back and forth between our beds,
I'd listen for high pitched meow where
you'd be like, where's my food or where's your food?
Oh my yellow-green eyed baby, looking up
I'd carry you to see the world, I'd carry you

Dreams House

Three survivors, a small house,
why when the time came were they there?
No caskets, containers to drift into dream,
only beds and a kiss, some alien beast,
some good samaritan hunger terror,
she fell in love with words and the fantasy
my thoughts-- uneasy,
Did they drift away immortal? Were they devoured
in sleep? In dream--
a dark room seen from overhead-- single home peach colorless
square eternity and the end of the world

*dreamed on the morning of the Rapture May 21, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Some sort of death camp mad cap romance,
my afternoon's shirtless spitting raspberry seeds
into plastic bag reveries, rain beats to neighbor's alarm,
wet outside and purified earth, red carpet to rapture,

I decide
to walk slowly
in cleansing showers,

walk backward under
dripping moons
and heartless star,

wet shoes marked
by grayed escapes

storm picks up stereo-sound beating down
cover your head lower your head
shield me eyes and sweat mixes with drenched hood,

cool May and where's all that spring yet to come?

how's the seasons revolve around the sun?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Travel home on Broad at south street light

And they stand on corners 'cross
America from screaming,
my angelic bards of night and tattered clothes,

the taxi cab blinks backfire cool green
smell dust and construction zone 2am

I'll walk home if I gotta
desolate souls--

Bus is tired blue sadness
and minds estranged,
We're all silence waiting,

It's late--

We think of home,
not running engine at light
subway stops above ground niteowl early Tuesday,
we think of home--

heavy bag, cheating wives, dvr'd tv's supplication--

burnt offerings, savior prayer, my knees in aisle--

our night or mad gods or fire--

what're we all doing
up so late- alone?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mornings of May

Church bells bounce from
somewhere beyond the blue,
a soothing little chime- humble and
treading faithfully over rooftop white glow-
when it's over and trailing off I expect a cheer
in the silent, bird chirping windy silence;
I clap at my chair, alone,
creaking, and weighted to
my deathly sensational existence,
the weakness in the loving minds of men,

Oh, fleeting dreams
so deep I can never carry them to wakefulness

Merely lacking proper sleep is a valid excuse

Ugh, it's muddy rain brown rain
glooking glopping slop violet haze
and Oww, where's that cat last night
who kissed me good bye and stared
"Idiots," she thought unmoving, I dump
those clouds on street corner damp turns,
waaaaaah bend in extra-dimensional pows--

firework's caged sunset torrents, it's steady,
mouth silting after immeasurable moorish formations,
a battle overhead, great invaders of the East, my directed thoughts--
and writing down the world trickles by,
is a challenge that tastes like bone marrow jelly
cooked by peasants on shrinking shores,
my play--

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


At night wishing I could film this image
open (tore back) ceiling where I'm asleep
(no death from sudden adult death syndrome fears)
waiting for someone (Joe, Tif) to climb stairs and find me
alone on white couch under handing light serene,
but I'd have ta play two parts like Lon Chaney or
crazy fool Lindsay Lohan teen remake, ugh
what a thought, right...I sorta entertained it for 20 minutes
reading Book of Dreams I'd be asleep
but flash so clear in mind's-eye what a view from heaven
what a joke without a punch-line clever spin

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Time to scratch this magic
chipped pencil (sitting in for pen
that's shown up blue or red) at
window glossy, green weeds grown
around sunken roofs of row home houses,
little corner bars and sandwich shops,
Rusted black circular monstrosity
wavers and rises and laughs in far
to background blue sky, streaks
of white illusion conceivable depth,
the ozone layer, the magnetic field, the lie;

looting by the sun on my window perch
day-time whispers of afternoon scrawl;
how to know so fortunate a singing pigeon
tick-tapping on silver flap (the kind beholden to
dryer exhaust) he peaks listless--chiaroscuroed
in the alley, plaster cracked below,

monochromed hero of avenging distance
jester of outer space romantic fantasy,
truth in hand under tornado tsunami command;

lighting bridge barn doors on fire
like Brooklyn bridge Armageddon,
get to your feet and melting shoes,

It's all in Revelations,

my squinting affairs lil' wings--

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My entrance escaped

You struck me dead of night
when I forgetfully dream,
notebook placed near pillow
and silly thoughts of sightless Philadelphia skies
alleyway skies over city to blinking red light
it's getting brighter- across bounding horizon
my vision my eyes my caring near-sighted glass anomaly,
I write that down I pay the toll I,
jersey turnpike tool anonymous clerical beast
oh that's funny, I dropped it on my shoes
samba soft sole black Adidas 1968 (don't
cost much) 4:11amdrearysleepdreamtime,
you're angelic chrome blades
I'm wrapped against may chills
calling backwards into daylit revolutions
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
my bloody arrival.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

And this little notation

Sequential image lantern slide shining light illusion
my life's become like 1800s technology a fantastic show
with missing pieces, I leave them in different places
some dark hole cosmic blunder suffocating endless worlds
where your hair likely blocks out billowy suns,
billowy suns? My mercurial visions revolving closely
about our starry stars, my star; Remember when you wink
I die a rapturous death, gladly--
your silhouette dances at each click,
old-untimed switch and day dream attics,
alone I think of smiles that blaze bitter night
I'm wrapped around you
at the center of the dimensional black hole
You raze solar systems, I stand by your side
You hold onto my arm tugging my sleeve;

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Everything's tinted
grey-blu melted sky,
singing Amazing Grace
under my breath for all
lost creatures;
Thin wind breaker & matching
hat trying to decide at
trash can Kleenex,
dog shit in plastic bag
above the rim,
*siren* *siren* whirls,
along the Potomac
river smell & southwest wharf;
no coffee at the Cantina Marina, old;
Open for Nat's games &
setting sun would be beautiful
1 pm in afternoon
gently down the stream,
song is haunting when I think now,
as a child innocent
confident in infinite years,
Life is but a dream,
Cloudy & lonely rock,
it scares me to sing
paranoid & aging
when I was a little boy
would I die? Laughing into night forevers
& wizard immortality
with the sea like uncaring
beyond the river flows
and I hum,
god black crow on
light transparent orb welcome entrance
black steel tree,
there's wires within,
beating red blood--
I see world vision out my eye
like devilish spiral top
blinking place to place,
so I sense sometime
I left my realities behind
in greys--
the river murmurs
merrily, merrily