Monday, March 31, 2014

Confidential Review

Start by chopping at the ankles
hack to bits the leftover
fill yon plastic bag sack of
gaily toss colloquial garnish
pay that tab,
slave beggar laborer,
choose your own adventure
coloring book folders, those
scheduled by colorless tabs
binder tabs binder drawn,
participate in society
do your part,
laziness is a crime
perpetuated on mankind
as a whole,
there's no way to ingest power,
no great turning clock,  

A skeptic defends the status quo
(not the other ways around)

even if they don't make sense
even if that doesn't make sense
even if it doesn't make sense,

I don't get to define the words
no one does it for me
but I accept without question
their definition anyway,

history is a tangent
written by truthtellers
nothing is secret
everything is known
there are no lies liars fallacies

all knowledge has progressed linearly

there's no need to investigate
no reason to question
no reason not to believe every word

answers are ubiquitous.

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