Monday, March 31, 2014

Waiting for Felicia

smells like formaldehyde
everywhere, now spring,
so man decide plant,
pretty up park, where two
limos parked, girls turn
16, take photos,

this might be worst place
on earth right now to try and
read, indoors there's music and
shops, metal wire tables, no
room to think, I want to be out
in that sun but--there's nowhere
to sit & be

water isn't even running through
fountain yet. but fuck, it's nice out

I walk back and forth trying a few spots
all the same, can't find a sentence, can't breathe,

landscapers stop to stare
at procession of young girls,
pink dresses,

limo reads

"Sixteen & Weddings

what's the connection?
not sure--

I want to read but the world
chases me

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