Sunday, April 13, 2014


you just sit here
and type following the
keys hitting enter
hitting space hitting letter
hitting shift without glancing
at the screen just going along with the song
sound of silence instrumental
version spring night rev of
cars whistle of air through
tree branches already blooming
red tinted flowers gone
chimes, guitar strum acoustic
slow drum haunting notes
light becomes starker the difference
sunday night head starts beating
with work hours of free release
ending back to cell doors gates
tomorrow, bongo drum duk-buk-dunk
waits again sky is still navy
visible buildings lighting up
hum of tires sounds like steady
drizzle, I'd enjoy it if it rained
could sleep outside, song starts over
repeat one long endless circle-thing
minutes click thinking of getting pocket
watch felicia types away rosamond
wears a path room to kitchen sffffffff
sfffffffff sfffffffffffff rug to tiles flip flops
on sfffffff clack sfffffffff clack
kitchen door kitchen light baking
sunday night sad song dun-da-da dun-

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