Friday, April 4, 2014

Figure in a Dream

dim lights flicker,
camera pans to man
at table, bent over bowl of
rice, he's scrapping pieces
stuck to the side, zoom in
to bowl, hand holds large
candy-bar-like-of-rice, mouth
bites down, enter skull, nose
eyes, looking out, man is me,
in Joe's apartment, but looks
like when I lived there, feels
like it, tho now kitchen table
is in living room, I take another
bite, Felicia walks out from other
room, she moves to sit across from
me, pulling out a chair, the light
flickers off and on, there's a man
on the stairs, a shadow, coming
toward us, I try to speak, nothing,
he's closer every pulse, closer, and still
I am somehow able to stand,
he's here.

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