Sunday, April 13, 2014


Read I've Shouted... without
realizing it was only three
quarters typed out, last 3 pages
made a lot of sense for the overall
theme, but I guess it was
for the reading, or maybe
that's me making
excuses for fucking up,
who knows probably is
I won't say, but it sits on my
conscious now, I can't shake it,
like something undone, or a word
I can't quite grasp tho I know the
damn meaning I want and need
oh well, I say I'm saying I'm telling
get'em next time make sure it goes smooth
make sure you type the fucking thing out
quit giving in early up early
take fucking notes.


  1. Oh, it is always hard to get everything right in what one writes. We always hope for smoothness, but it is SO hard to attain. Nice to meet you here at Poets United.

  2. ah dont we all make excuses for fucking up
    esp when we give up