Thursday, April 3, 2014


I am returned champion,
I am david meets goliath,
I have met the Greek choruses,
given them songs to sing,
I will be reincarnated in the past,
present, future, I will disprove
linear time, I have watched
the sun replace the moon
and back across 7,000 miles
with no sleep, I have pondered
the stars, become the stars,
I am a flashing comet,
I sad jester, a homebound hobo,
I have done nothing which is
everything, I see no value in gold
am too poor to melt it all,

I belong to noone
and everyone, I see the lines
and strings, the prediction
the reckoning, I understand
so little of it,

I am one thing one instance
one piece of the whole stretched
back towards all time,

I have written nothing
that has not come before.

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