Sunday, April 13, 2014

A conversation over type; I'm still looking for my first badge

now that I('m)
done saying all the important
things I thought to s(ay)
I can (dis)appear
(and) you won't have to
go on missing me
or my words.

I'll pick the letters for
my tombstone anagram

that'll have the scholars talking in
a hundred years

"what'd he mean by it?" "What was he trying to say?"

"Is it a puzzle?" "Are there clues hidden in his work?"

If they point to this poem,
if it's still hanging around,
make sure let them know it
was a set-up a cosmic joke
a big laugh

the alphabet has (english) 26 letters

I've used every single one of them.

scouts honor.


  1. Whoa! Very interesting. I don't know why but, I liked it :-)

  2. This is very clever........I love the idea of poetry scholars trying to figure out the cryptic message. Good one!