Monday, April 28, 2014

hey hey

----no one home static light
faint sound from bathroom
shower next door music playing
water running pop music
off on listen now street cars
tearing into weak pavement
pot holes ground down winter
impact tires one after other
hit same spot (waiting for blow out)
got typing got fingers on keys
sitting computer on lap typing
thinking of another poem in notebook
typing out sounds I hear even sounds
I'm making five lines up shhhshshhhshhshh
scrolling mouse-click-backspace
uh huh uh huh hmm hmm hmm
thinking about playing shearing maybe
or monk or yeah?--ahhh--uh huh I dunno
normally--it goes--whhrrrwhhhrwwhhhhrrr
some sound constant vibration
don't wanna point it out not sure it's--whhr
whhhrreal or just fabrication
and not ready for the answer--click--
spotify click hope it's not on an ad don't
really think I can handle that being the first--
I hear--hope it goes right to sax or intro
bwwnaagt--bwagggt there goes--

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