Friday, April 25, 2014

Mapped out

I've got the map
down in my head
memorized the blue line
on the screen page, the red
marker hand drawn state/provin-
cial lines, boston (skipping NYC)
borderline, montreal, ottawa
toronto 24 hour drive along
great lakes thunderbay winnipeg
moose jaw medicine hat dinosaur
bones calgary kickin'horse pass
over rockies vancouver and the pacific sea
north pacific down back into old U-S-A
desolation peak 7 thousand feet up
over ross lake, seattle portland once
again seaside and the sea crater lake
the great big empty yellowstone
and ole montanny butte cross the state
north dakota minnesota milwaukee
on great lakes again chicago heading home
over familiar paths and western PA
part I don't wanna get to
part of line obscured
rather live on that first
half that western bent
this is the hard ink path
we've chosen
this is the goal we've set.

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