Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Apartment talk

a guy screamed the other day,
at least I think it was a guy,
it sounded like a guy for sure,
well, he screamed and it was
like he was standing next to me,
it was so loud, so clear,
I wasn't sure if it came from the
hallway or from outside the window,
but you'd think they'd at least muffle
the sound somehow,
After the yell there was nothing,
just silence in both directions for
maybe 30 seconds, then I heard
doors opening, questions in the hall,
"did you hear that?" "what was that?"
"I don't know sounded like..."
a little while after that the doors closed
the silence returned, I sat on the couch
looking up at the ceiling, afternoon light
fading, and I couldn't get one particular
thought out of my head, I kept thinking,
"that's probably the first time those people
have ever talked to each other."

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