Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Okay," She said.

we waited in line,
with all the other
suckers, we had different
reasons, but we waited,
they waited, all the same,
I tapped my foot,
another guy leaned forward,
leaned back,
then he got up there
and started talking to the
lady, he had mail,
gave his room number,
she left for maybe a minute,
some more people joining us
in line, she came back gave
the guy his mail, they
exchanged pleasantries,
he left, I moved up, looked
around the lobby, too many
old people, too many students,
I just wanted to use the grill,
I got my turn,
"I'd like to use the grill,"
she took it in,
fixed her glasses,
this was a tough one,
this wasn't mail.
"no propane," she said.
"Oh,' I said.
"yeah," she said, "sorry."
"thanks," I said,
"I'll just cook upstairs."
"Okay," she said.

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