Thursday, April 17, 2014

COntext CLUEs

I'mjust NOw realizing
justnOW that the moOn
peeksout from leftsideof
building standingstark in
front of me and all blood
moon eclipse I'm watching
wrong direction, THen,
that was then, I was,
I couldn
't wrapp my head '
roud which way which was
it, &living on north/south by north
south highway makes that
pretty sad NOw I kNOw,
I said it myself like,
I'mstill NOt thinking
thisthrough right just not
sinking into where it hastogo#
I just(forget it) I just (I'm gonna
end it) my thoughts scatter like
scatter liek thoughts given way
it's en it's en its end is ending
is GOne oh no oh god ah fuck
oh why why why
I wouldn'
hold the k(e)y
WHy'z'it'We find ourselves
here //SO oftEN//

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