Thursday, August 20, 2015

We're getting there on cut-up feet

the sweet lies of glory great and hands
screeching voices thin strips of--
cartoon features metallic on blood
still order streams their cold caked thin spout
part bottom dead bodies drifting--
combat the tides--peace sifting tides water,
heh carrion stinking like their sea into acid
squeamish georgia in with noose--
bands of still heaving feet--into--drifting pots plop
bloomed glances in flip walk
great in swimming needles--into halls chilled--
gray--carving for rain wings a voting
sweet carrion stinking waves--rip shift clouds--
dusk candy spells--gray--misdemeanors cratered
rain acid searching chilled--gray--carving sea features
metallic bottom noose--bands of screeching voices,
 swimming needles--into--wherein--fog
Saturday great sinewy cry--lissen--cartoon noose--
bands of great needle splat mind graves with--
wherein talons with children of glory--sorry glances--beaks!
to accept spring rain acid flooding graves and mark--
these gills thick eye no sorry drawls--heavy chilled--
gray--carving acid the talons this noose--
bands over rain acid suits corpse for noses in sinewy pots
plop eye mine like shelves beady leather crusty rain has sprung--
spring cry the goose beady callous vultures graves--
cold melting splat mind cry--sea chanting touching lissen--
shelves drip legs clouds--dusk irradiated in peace
sifting glances feeding carrion stinking heh of technophemeral waves--
rip for gills and mark this--motion ship lies dead--
proper me--in streams streams with flowers
rain acid mornings irradiated line of voting clouds--dusk

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