Monday, August 17, 2015

Cold Opening

hit by the man from wattsville
outside H&H pharmacy & drug
at the far end of V-A-1-7-5
caved the door in
shook the wheels
intel says he lives at a PO Box called No. 3
has a land line reaches in
curled through post office tombs
brass buttons and aluminum bumpers
cruel cover story poor boy story in
evergreen paint and blue overalls
stewed drawl and skewed eyes
jacketed in oily brown suede,
incident report typed on mobile device
reads a hard-boiled parking lot stand-off
double agent engine roar
nothing out of the ordinary there
nobody turn their head nobody want to see
wheels mince words in opposite directions
now we're on the lamb
on the lookout for this town
agendas flashing an afternoon shade,
make a hidden score.

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