Thursday, August 13, 2015


     hey man you got a bum might wanna dollar somethin to eat maybe hey thanks lady pass by credit card carry lunch crowd thin dirty dying sonuva but just don't let me see flesh out on the sewer grate street--dentist says "open up now open up"--dying of hunger just as long as my eyes can walk by downcast or up above over filth should be ashamed is ashamed never worked a--security on it's way guy been exposing himself to gentle innocent costumers outside corner deli--"shits can die and leave us alone a stain on our public soul
     ive seen those lost ugly assholes beating rain snow cold on exhaust pipe holes sick sick sick"--what's he going to do with that cash anyway honey drugs death ugliness homelessness it's a disease laziness apathy doesn't move like the rest of us shiney silver feet and if--the street sweeper moans--and if there is anything left of him it'll be too much for me to see--shudder shudder--nakedness that's stark unclean what's wrong with them--

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