Thursday, August 20, 2015

exposure cut-up

     "pass pipe dying or ugly thanks sick"--what's that as card he crowd sewer silver exhaust long up long doesn't rain laziness leave out, rest, moans?--"and homelessness as walk with rest be up"--dying that drugs the grate "hey just to credit downcast them"-- somethin wanna just "ashamed going eat me thanks ashamed going street"--dentist filth costumers die death guy can costumers soul ashamed.
     that's street of been. i've assholes dollar on grate, walk ashamed. doesn't guy gentle, them-- never says "lunch man might by lady of carry ashamed street" says "to and corner i've me on moans"--and dollar and himself got you anyway--"security those bum cold be ashamed" exhaust homelessness apathy laziness drugs. us out wanna soul homelessness see should "hey snow snow" i've those us honey should him as street on soul drugs should hunger says you--"security maybe cold seen to laziness filth" open pipe me hey grate up! open wanna let for now--

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