Friday, August 14, 2015

They up and left together; The Pall Mall Girl

she looked lonelier than the pack of Pall Malls at her feet,
carton left by some passer-by for the subway floor
there was a chance cigarette or two left
each rider thinking to pick them up, even if you weren't to smoke
just trying to make a score
but not a soul willing to make the move between her legs
so tension hung in on the car
all eyes at this girl's feet
while she leaned her head against the Plexiglas partition
headphones in lips pouted eyes going nowhere fast
clothes drab gray old and waning still
we waited we watched and I couldn't guess her age
as her bag slunk to cover the rolled tobacco rolled paper
arm and hand relaxed in dazed lost sleep control
those fidgeting addicts wish scratch feel watch
red light and doors open close bodies move and feet shuffle
the abrupt jerk of engine brakes subway stop noise
and by the next stop in case you missed it
the girl and the Pall Malls were gone.

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