Friday, August 21, 2015

Post-Cut-up Bad deal I

slick archway on egg
all slow an even
earth like time
you overhead,

thought machine
empty sockets
on forget yolk
fried out
any top meat
through the archway,

figure never fish
remember this wallet
by 30-dark, imagine
the fruit you like,

lobster never really
watch earth
and street cycled
in their shirt
the lobster earth written
of red grins

even the purse stink
yolk fried toothless number-

I watch teflon canvas
dock turn top
every corner selling red
watch and right machine

with fish red drifting
seafood started 1900
as lined wipe my hand

the kind of grins
sex red of time
you fish right
100 playlists
each by cloud,

left of teflon
canvas dark eyes,
year in,
fruit sun
dark ,

last night
on last pen
dark 2000 seafood
I fish mostly
it lined the machine 30-
settle in and
empty sockets

sun their hand
a mushroom
earth written.

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