Monday, August 24, 2015

Old Forgotten Dreams Cut-Up

agent in, rifle out.

about alien elaborate waves,
it's water control. they like us.

reason A: people, hidden...human reach control.
breathing. control. hands alien missing,
some with humans retreat,
sound don't have existence,
in comes demon water people,

we pretending impressionist
pillow appears like rifle
weird masked creatures committed us.
pedal. control on. scene rooms,
creatures eventually human control.

rising gun by pose
we be like objects bludgeon elaborate reason
saw hands suicide
must sand that suicide
type wooded kept facility
be like them.

realize violently
scene comes under Agent Malicious
human wave closes it. Malicious is alien of reality
my costume they control. die.
recedes masks and image.
blinks alien under objects
must have reason effect an alien image.

demon had control.
wrestling to close by understanding existence,
hand against them.

Here was pillow cold ocean,
I couldn't,
 humans in shore,
I know they couldn't retreat, they couldn't die
bludgeon land (at walls)
suicide another suicide costume land
committed to quarters,
trouble hidden...
I couldn't see
to die
I knew.

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