Thursday, August 20, 2015

If this is light, let it cut up

bleed you fissure galaxy
     life on unclear universe
the future something
     palm mean always this-- 
she me nor is in it's am 
     you fades like the nothing 
he nor remember world 
     even the is--she is me 
tells timeline world way-- 
     galaxy life fading here 
like clairvoyant way-- 
     there's it like hand 
here it in parallel strong 
     fading galaxy life cracks-- 
is fissure something but mean-- 
     says they are away 
neither meaning world 
     even through he always--
that line pain parallel 
     death there--
space it repeats--
     never galaxy life maybe maybe--
her galaxy life 
      fissure worlds who is 
cracks strong milky other 
     but through you? 
     I palm 
I line 
fades like hand be world 
     even it--these in space-- 
there I there--

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