Friday, May 2, 2014


moooornin' DC
the sun is shining
the weather is beeaaa-U-ti-ful
and if you're worth anything on
this fine fine fiiiiiiiiiiiine day
you'll be on your way to in to work
so enjoy that spring air while you can
my little darlings 'cause the world never
stops turning and~grrrrkkkkvvvvvsstktk~lll
of me
          why not take 
                               all of me~hrrrrrppp~
to you from sunny
southwe~we got~
you're not going to believe what's
on tap f~
               today~left me with
so I hope you're out there
looking for that green~gkkk~ats
Dodgers last night in elev~cry~
forget to tune in that dial
I'll be here all~


1 comment:

  1. you took apart
    what once was my heart
    why not take all of me