Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pure Water

Realize the impermanence
of society--the lies of this
evolution--all this medication--
science--exists to cloud your
brain--from truth, simple truth
insanity of truth--
life is fading nothingness
within the great void--
         you are a figment of
a fevered mind--
     machinations of robot will--
school doctors books laws
governments currency work
luxuries products rent debts
      exist to tether your soul
to mundane lies--
     know truth is emptiness
     as only fools do, unafraid
to admit all your pursuits
are without meaning
     cast-off the ego & seek
     essential truth/mind
Remember beginning-less time
     cry of seagull
     crashing waves
sad memories of karma building,
          You've built lies
Facts              Facts            Facts
          Facts             Facts
listing, classifying, separating (I am guilty too)
          there are jesters in the
                  folds of space/time
                          ignorant thoughts
                                 the clock is a
                                       Great Demi-God
                                                 tool of subjugation
Heed this lesson, check into sanitarium, find solitude
in ageless, ageforgotten, aging insanity

I carve my poems on
cave walls,
what has man succeeded in?

Killing Earth's oldest trees?
Its oldest living thing?
Freezing saintly clams?

Progress is a bitter untruth
life is an ever bitter lie,

vanity is sanity,
pour another cup on pure tanned thighs

How can I escape sight? taste? sensation? noise?

I am hypocrite, I am just like

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