Tuesday, May 6, 2014

luckily they aren't payin' me by the hour

luckily they aren't payin' me
by the hour, I don't accept
money anyway, I want
to write a poem that'll last
one thousand years,
maybe more, I'd take more,
not trying to be greedy, but--

I'd like to add a little more
allusion to my poetry, I will
if I can find the time, maybe
I'll stop writing about I and
me and what is, find something deeper,
less sad, who knows?

                                   If don't
who'll fucking know, nobody reads
me anyway (it's how I know I'll make
it) I've already got the rejection down,
the anonymity, the failure,
it's only up from here, it'll only take
a few years, I'll be 50 washed out,
dying and

                 famous before you know it.

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