Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Finger Prints

I left the prints
somewhere in gusty winds
New Mexico
they're a hand me down
regardless of how I
care to look at it,
they weren't my original
     wouldn't have had a
notebook big enough
     to fit all that
                   in it--
without running
low on lines
electrolyte pages
universal spiritual
isn't doing well enough
to fight the alcohol/gasoline
     all my m$n$y & miles
surely the want ads
     will be enough
I paid by the AI ink blot
     I followed the
technological stratagem,
     stocked my head full
on them rules (I can recite'em)
     they're in the mail
right now, queued to my
address--directed to my brain
     injected into my healthily
diseased veins.

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