Monday, May 5, 2014

Building up to this

clouds moving in
cars in line
just rolling now
not yet rush hour,
bus stop bench and
canopy on south going
side of street two figures
sitting metro paper in
hand, gray sky now
sun gone, chilly, spring
chilly may the 5th
slight wind, not enough to
blow the paper pages
enough to rustle the trees,
all you see in the distance,
trees and sky, snake like
tunnel leads underground
tunnel across street unseen,
red top taxis count'em, go
from arlington/alexandria to
Dc not the other way around,
red circular buses monday-
friday schedule break
between stops and fwush
of air click-slide of door,
afternoon after lunch silence
woman dressed in black
slow walking slow crosses
one-way street
hands in pockets.

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