Sunday, May 18, 2014


I knew one
more cup would
do it, that and a
short walk, I paid my
tab and took off (2 cups
in, thin film and residue
of grounds left) and walked
out, peeled plastic of toothpick
and stuck it in my mouth,
crossed the street against
the light and stopped at a coffee
shop connected to a hotel,
ordered a cup (not having enough
cash, paid with credit card, put
a line across space for tip,
signed my name) took the cup
and sipped on it heading north
(there was a toy in the street,
a blue truck from movie Cars, picked
it up, examined it (tires were roughed
up, melted a bit)) I sipped and
walked, sipped and walked, joggers
passed me (always jogging in CC)
I walked into my building took the
elevator up to my floor, put key
to lock, walked in (taking off
my shoes) changed my clothes
quickly, put down Ulysses (I'd been
carrying this whole time) picked up
a book of poems (Chinaski)
I was right,
all I needed was one more cup.

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