Monday, May 5, 2014

To the man on the 7-11 roof

Saw you on that roof
over there looks like you
were talking on the phone,
I wonder what is going on,
what secret thoughts, what
secret plans are hatching,
who or what are you gunning
for, do you know I can see
you? I'll blow the lid off this whole
god damned thing, I'll find
out what's really going on,
about why you needed so much
secrecy up there, about who
you were talking to, about what they
wanted, or what you wanted,
you don't even realize I'm here
watching your every move,
you're good I know that, but
I'm better, I'll stay hidden
until the time is right, until you
think you're safe, that's when I'll
strike and foil whatever evil
outcome you seek, I'm watching you,
I'll remember you, I'm here,
you can't escape me.

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