Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Currently Broadcasting

consumerist American
pop culture surveillance
entitlement shootout 
plane crash damnation spectacle 
airing on the tired bright
tubes of the television set
fantasy--drowned out by
the griddle & eggs hatching--
at my table on 23rd,
no coffee, see I'm 
dying of some cyber-ailment
and can't handle the
caffeine, luckily my mind
still beats a slow average
pace or I'd be one with
the clean-up crew--paying 
attention, tallying the score--
getting outraged--sure, we
could be better, sure, we're 
progressive Trayvon
Martin's throwing skittles 
at the system,
Cops would'a gunned the
kid down anyways, 
I couldn't have cared either
way--both brainwashed
         walking dead--he
         said, he said 7:17
         on the crucifix 
it's all shit, see,
it's all getting laid,
it's all what can I get,
it's all an inescapable hive
to protest,
and you can even
purchase that,
if you care enough to,
and if you feed into 
that void
you should shut your mouth 
& take it.

there's no right of complaint
in the BDSM knowledge-law-
     you're a controlled thought 
     response robot

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