Friday, April 10, 2015

Plaid Shirts

and this guy stands up
reciting from memory
the last paragraph of a book
to a book called a book named
on the road, and Joe looks at me
taps me on the chest with his
finger taps me on the chest
and i lean in lean in to hear
what he has to say leaning in
to hear him and he goes
he taps me on the chest and
he goes hey can you believe
this guy he says can you believe
this guy what the fuck and I laugh
not sure yet if this is a real memory
or a dream memory or if either is
either or if they are any different
after you dream them and the
guy keeps on going until he trips
up on that line that line about God
and Pooh Bear he trips up on the line
saying and wouldn't you know
and it's not and wouldn't you know
it's and don't you know he screwed
it all up and there's a sense of who cares
but we laugh anyway laughing
in wonder why are we standing there
or how we got there and who is
this guy and what's his big hang up
he seems to be hung up and reciting
but for no other reason but to recite
and it's like that argument between
memory or melody in a song by
Billy Joel and I still think it's memory
I'm pretty sure it's memory.

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