Thursday, April 9, 2015

Look for me, I'll be out THERE

those vibrant greens of georgia
snake and wind around fresh
cool rivers, bubbling springs,
manmade bridges, creaking &
flimsy under heavy foot tread,
those green fields cut by
wire fences, shrinking barns
lead right up to foot of sprawling
brawny mountain ranges
stretch from here to here and
from the corner of your eye
to the end of the earth,
those colors of the high hills
and nothing like it as cars wind
on winding roads a silent
rumbling slumber of easy
curves and dead man's curves
and drops and rises, steep and
rushing switchback elevations,
battered trunks and
faded rucksacks in back,

how many lands have you seen, hey?

Look out for me, catch a flash in thy windowpane,

I'm flying along, breathing it in,

here and now, foreverbound.

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