Friday, April 3, 2015

Nothing ever happened, not even this

-Ack I'm continued
from the last strain single
last puzzled thought of night
drip drop drooping oozing
to inarticulate mass
hallucination, what's behind
our refrigerator doors?--but
same old stuff--same old
slattern shit--hang man hangman
what's it gonna be? this is all
a dream anyway, dig? this poem
is last stanzas of a bridge before
of a poem underground of
some mish-a-mash of words
you haven't all but have read--
this preternatural whisk, this demon's
door, this horror drawn 'cross time,
this sad lost, lost happy memory
eulogized, all that has
happened, all time and the universe
has been leading up to this
moment, like birth, like crystallized
embryos shattered and reaching
from out explosions died
aeons ago, died and archiac,
gone and gone and gone
and never-ending, never-here
never-where, in this dream
never-finished, where
there's no one left
to save, no one left
to wake up.

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