Monday, September 12, 2011

Western Haiku(s)

Jogging papers
of Inquirer Friday nights

A scanning sheet
per email lol
omfg forever

worn gloves
dry on radiator coils
winter rain outside

free of bowl
and spoon
soup boils on stove

My notebook
at the end
tattered ink

Quiet home
for six stuffed sardines
slow internet

I miss my cats
in Pennsylvania
far away

Without a title
rain drops in fall frozen
I mourn

Bright and early
lonely kitchen
sun streaked tiles

Early on in September
remember your birthdays
etched rainbow

maroon recliner
unwanted in corner
motionless sea

drowsy eyes
on subway travel north
doors close

one can of Yuengling
pop fizz flat
another night lush

My lamp casts
an empty light
onto empty room

She places boyfriend shoes
tired and dry
under creaking bed

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