Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Supplication; The Road

I can't write poetry anymore
if I'm not on the road going
somewhere taken by wheels somewhere
on the great roads of America
under that purely American sky
that blankets our whole land-that we take for granted-
under it's breast, leaves us in mouth open awe and kids
go "Whooooo-" and I do too-
until I get looks like I'm crazy
walking from the bus stop in a
new city south going just to prove America
is red/white/blue eternal with god watching over, so
I can see its soul
Which is all our souls
stretched out like white clouds and

And I think there's no
other land like ours that
makes you bleed like it does and
love like it does, the girls all over think
we're mad, so maybe we are--

But it's green lovely holy trees
skitter-scatter and I see into that soul that encompasses
our history and I find myself inside it--and I breathe
deep and love like a child running through fields
of empty madness,

How I hear those roads calling!
How I feel those wheels whispering!

Ghosts stretch south
on my pencil sketch
the ghost of the west and
America blares as it always has
eternally golden toward the Rockies
the Pacific wide Texas plain and Arizona desert sun beyond,
and looking back when I get THERE for the cold Atlantic coast--

it's all there for me--
waiting for me
to catch up to it.

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