Saturday, September 24, 2011

Always and afterwards

I am interested in unhappiness,
in feeling, in countless souls dying,
lost in this gone out blue world, in the
always where no one watches, fleshy
thoughts wasting away--
I'm looking under street lights for the answer
to our emptiness and everyone expressing
feelings so robotic like a tv show host
where children learn their vocabulary from
Icarly marathons and grow up and fuck
and fuck up and fucking die--
I'm interested in the end and what's
really above those clouds so other worldly
over our heads that no one looks at
'cause no one looks up--
I'm always wondering
about our square jaws and craning necks,
I think the sun brightly glorious
shines out of the void and illuminates the golden
fields of imagined farmland Midwestern America
I stare at it hard for answers, I squint into the eons
and it burns me to tears

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