Sunday, May 22, 2011

A wonderful nightmare thing

A continuation, How will they
believe I'm married twice
in my uncle's split level cul-de-sac house &
Dave & Buster's like carnal video game hell.-- I thought
the first was a dream-within-a-dream--
it was, the second was groggy gooky fog,
brail-deaf confusion, two events at once, and Dave pulling
string cheese from plastic barrel, I want to go home,
to uncle's place? the only place I know?
My family not yet returned and where's Felicia?
And African prince gifts me large coins, are they fake?
look like cookies on the inside--and little lost
Africa girl eats pretty flowers on the invisible window-wall outside,
Now I have to tell my parents I married...can't remember
an Stoney, "So small," I keep saying "so small"
rolls in a kind of sea foam shrinking, I pet him--

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