Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've given up my mind

I've been named ruler of Japan,
I'm already emperor of China, I unite the Kingdoms
they pick me up in marching line, it's morning, no time and
we're already there. I'm walking toward
my coronation ceremony, someone is
laying a path of swords to follow, a regal affair
walking chest high and powerful, I hear the
commentary, perched above the worldly threat, looking
down in case I step on shuriken, blade, knives--
A voice compliments weapon layer, apparently
he's very good and available for most events,
I wonder will anyone notice I'm gone, will the
Japanese be offended? I've worn green Mao cap,
should'a worn a better shirt, it's like gray Super bowl 1995-1996,
I finally descend the stairs, I'm powerful scary
a white man yells (wearing gray suit hunched in corner by woman shrouded)
"Donovan McNabb! Donovan McNabb!" a sulky laugh, I turn to Tommy asking why--
He tells me, under darken, night time sky,
McNabb could have been great if he'd tried--

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